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Top 10 Restaurants near Vienna Airport

Visit the best restaurants in Vienna near the airport

Dec 12, 2017 | Travel guide

kim kocht asian restaurant wien vienna

When Vienna crosses your mind, what is the first thing you think about? The culture? The coffeehouses? Or merely the history?  Travel fanatics can tell you that there are a plethora of reasons to visit Vienna but for some people the reason is surprisingly the food.

Vienna has a popular café culture which has been going on since the 1950s. But in addition to the cafes, the restaurants in Vienna are pretty amazing too. From different kinds of cuisines to interior of different ages, the restaurants in Vienna offer it all. So if you are planning your visit to Vienna then here is a restaurant guide which will help you out while you are staying there.

You can take a bus from Vienna Airport to city, Wien or you can take a shuttle service, Wien to get to the restaurant directly, if you're hungry after a long flight. So without further ado, here are top 10 restaurants near Vienna Airport that you should give a try.


With rich food offerings, the Loca restaurant in Vienna whole heartedly invites you to ‘eat better’. Every meal at this restaurant is prepared with precision and a love for detail. The menu at loca has a variety of meat and fish, but also scrumptious vegetarian options for the main courses and tasty dishes for starters and desserts.

Le Ciel

For a fancy night out in Vienna, La Ciel restaurant will prove to be the perfect choice for you. Not only is this restaurant super chic and comfortable but it is host to a very sophisticated crowd.

This restaurant is a part of the Grand Hotel Wien and it will definitely cater to your hunger pangs with its 3 – 5 course meal. So be sure to leave a room in your stomach because you are going to need it if you will be dining at Le Ciel.

Kim Kocht

If you have been visiting local Viennese restaurants and you are looking for a change of flavor then look no further than the Kim Kocht restaurant. This restaurant is famous for the Asian cuisine that it offers and you can rest assured that the food will be healthy, because Kim – the chef of the restaurant – only prepares food with organically grown ingredients.


For a unique dining experience you should make your way to the Mini restaurant as with every bite you eat, you get to soak in the wonderful jazz music that plays here. The owner of this restaurant aims to combine traditional Hungarian cuisine with international flavors. So be sure to check this restaurant out.


This amazing restaurant offers a variety of dishes which are traditionally Austrian. This is one of the best places to eat as the food items on the menu have earned the establishment two Michelin stars which say a lot about the quality of cuisine at the Steirereck.

steirereck wien

The food is made with a great attention to detail so I’d highly recommend you to check out this restaurant whose chefs make such an amazing effort at preparing each and every dish.

Mraz & Sohn

From nibbling on 60 variations of cheese to having a six course meal, you can do it all at the Mraz and Sohn restaurant.
One thing you should keep in mind though is that since this place is pretty popular, it is crowded so before heading to it be sure to make a reservation. You can call on +43 1 3304594 to make your booking.


Lasagna, ravioli gnocchi, frittata… The restaurant’s name should be a clue big enough to tell you that the cuisine served here is Italian. In addition to mouth-watering food, the interior of this restaurant is pretty commendable as well.

If you are craving Italian food then Fabios should be your number one choice as the food here will take you to a state of nirvana.

Konstantin Filippou

The parents of the chef of this cafe are both from different countries so being from a diverse background, the chef makes an effort to reflect it in the cuisine of this restaurant. Although it hasn’t been too long since the inception of this café, it has still taken a spot in the top restaurants of Vienna.


When it comes to the best Wiener Schnitzel in Vienna you should definitely think of going to the Figlmuller restaurant which is pretty famous for it. One step into the restaurant will make you feel like you are at a traditional Viennese restaurant from the 80s.

Harry’s Time

Before heading to this restaurant you have to think how hungry you are? The reason is that there is a 7 course meal offered at this restaurant so no matter how hungry you are, this restaurant will be perfect for you.

The best restaurants in Vienna can be found in the city center, but there are tons of amazing restaurants near the airport as well. You can easily get to any downtown hotel from Vienna Airport by taxi, limousine or minibus, if you travel with a larger group.

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