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Museums in Vienna

The Most Recommended Museums in Vienna

Dec 21, 2017 | Travel guide

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When traveling to Vienna, be open to sink in great and yet so diverse displays of art, culture and history, wrapped inside the many wonderful museums lurking at every corner. Expanding your mind and learning about a plethora of topics is inevitable while in this city, so make sure to plan your airport transfers wisely and timely. In the content to follow, we have composed a list of museums (some more unusual than others) to visit while staying in Vienna and tell the tales while enjoying a superb cuisine in the evening at some of the most renowned and elegant restaurants.

Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna

Museum of Applied Arts, or often referred to as MAK, is the home of so many art curiosities, intended to intrigue even the most skeptical visitors. A great number of art exhibitions are organized throughout the year, but also exhibitions related to architecture, design, and fashion. If you think about visiting the MAK, consider doing so on a Tuesday evening, since all exhibitions are then open to the public, free of charge.

Leopold Museum

The Leopold Museum is housing many artworks of geniuses from many periods. The highlights of the museum include works from the very famous Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, and Oskar Kokoschka. Being part of the world known Museumsquartier complex, the Leopold Museum is the best place to visit while in the piazza. The building exterior draws the visitors’ attention as well, especially of those with an architectural background. As a trivia, the museum’s look is bright and built by using white shell limestone from the Danube River.

Sigmund Freud Museum

Sigmund Freud is the most famous psychoanalyst (a Godfather of psychoanalysis as some may say) and the Austrians’ true pride and joy. In Vienna, he did his most important theoretical work, so today, based on the look and feel of his former office and residence, this place displays Sigmund Freud’s amazing life and work. His daughter designed the interior and this view is enhanced by the option to watch a film about Freud and his family from the 1930s.

Museum of Art Fakes

If you are the kind of a visitor who’s genuinely intrigued by unusual and unique things, then this museum is the place for you. As the name may suggest, the Museum of Art Fakes is dedicated to the art of forgery. It was open in 2015 and it can be found right across the bizarre Hundertwasserhaus, an amazing work of the Expressionist architects Friedensreich Hundertwasser and Joseph Krawina. This fascinating establishment gives view into the history of art fakers. Often referred to as a ‘criminal art museum’, this place has works by Gustav Klimt in its collection – or shall we say, not really. Basically, this museum is great if you want to learn the difference between a copy and an authentic piece of art.

Undertakers Museum

Even though the very idea can be morbid, this place can offer a great deal of fun, especially for those who seek some pretty unconventional exploring. At the Undertakers Museum, you are encouraged to open up your darker side and peek into the history of death and undertaking. At the time of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, the Vienna residents wanted to make sure to leave their mark after they die, so this museum displays their wishes in the form of 600-piece exhibition.

Technical Museum, Vienna

The Vienna Museum of Technology is conveniently situated very close to the most popular tourist attraction, the Schönbrunn Park. As the very name suggests, this place is pretty much ideal for all of the technology enthusiasts. Here you can learn about the history of planes, trains, and automobiles, or participate in a guided tour regarding the history of mining and even enjoy a demonstration in high-voltage electricity.

Globe Museum

For all of you galaxy lovers, the Globe Museum promises to take you to a sphere-shaped journey. Sitting inside the wonderful Austrian National Library, this unique museum is dedicated to all spheres known to mankind. You can take a close look of the Earth, the Moon and Mars in their natural habitat - the space – and be astonished by the astronomical instruments for further space research.

Peace Museum

Being one of the most unusual museums in the world, the Peace Museum shelters documents of historical initiatives for peace. The whole point of this museum is to show the struggles and bumpy lives of all individuals and heroes who fought to raise awareness of peace. Being probably the most pacifistic place on the planet, this museum is worth the visit.

Natural History Museum

Do you want to take a historical trip back in the era of the dinosaurs? If your answer is yes, the Natural History Museum is guaranteed to display an impressive collection, along with different temporary exhibitions organized each month. The best part of the museum is the digital planetarium, where the visitors are enabled to “travel” among the starts and learn so much about our solar system.

The Children's Museum

And now for the fun part. Aside from all of those museums for the grown-ups, the kids can have fun of their own. Sitting in the Schönbrunn Palace, the Children's Museum (or Kindermuseum) offers interactive displays teaching about the lives of royal children throughout the centuries. Many artifacts, toys, games, clothes and wigs are displayed, and there’s the option to dress up as a prince or a princess. Kids also can try quadrille dancing, but a previous reservation for this is recommended. Upon request, there’s the option to arrange English language birthday parties with dancing, for creating unique memories.

Regardless how you wish to tailor your experience, Vienna can provide some truly unforgettable experiences. All you need to do is to pack, catch an airport shuttle or an airport bus when you land in Vienna and have the most recommended tourist tips.

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