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What to do at Vienna Airport

Your Ultimate Guide on Spending Quality Time at Vienna Airport

Nov 21, 2017 | Travel guide

how to spend your time at vienna airport while waiting for your flight departure

  • Have you been at Vienna Airport recently?
  • What did you do the last time you were in Vienna Airport? Was it boring?
  • Have you recently had a long layover at Vienna Airport and had no idea on how to spend your time while waiting for your flight?
  • Are you about to have a long layover at Vienna Airport?
  • Did you just miss your flight and need to spend an entire day at the Vienna airport to catch the next flight?
  • Have you ever wished there’s an actual guide that could show you around and provide you with a bunch of activities to have while at Vienna Airport?

If you answer to any of the questions above is yes, then you are at the right place! You are not alone in the quest on determining how to spend your time at Vienna Airport. These questions have been asked by numerous people and not many right or consolidated answers have come up. Hence, we decided to end this menace and deliver you with the ultimate guide on spending quality time at the Vienna Airport.

Now, we have narrowed down 3 main activities that would be the most enjoyable for people who are stuck at the Vienna Airport. Let’s turn your frown of boredom to a smile of excitement! But before we jump into the middle of list of uncountable options, let us remind you that a relaxed check-in and joyful shopping cannot be imagined without the properly chosen airport transfer service from your downtown hotel in Vienna to Vienna Airport. Make a wise decision and choose a well-known taxi company.

Shopping at Vienna Airport

Yes! The first thing that comes to one’s mind, while they have nothing else to do, is shopping. Shopping (or window shopping for that matter) is a thrill and one of the best ways to enjoy your free time at an airport! While at the Vienna airport, you can shop at the following places:



BIPA is a shop for fashion accessories and personal healthcare products. In fashion accessories, they offer jewelry, watches, and fashionable and trendy eyewear. In the personal care category, they offer grooming, cosmetics, and healthcare products. You can get all the top brands at this shop.


BILLA is one of Austria’s best and very famous supermarket. Hence, it's no wonder they opened multiple stalls in Vienna Airport as well. They offer a complete line of consumer-focused product range which is also reasonably priced. You can purchase groceries, delicacies, confectionery, spirits, as well as newspapers, and magazine.


The luxurious underwear, sleepwear, and loungewear - want any of these things? Then the Calvin Klein stores located at the Vienna airport are a must visit.

Manner Shop at Vienna Airport
manner shop vienna schwechat airport


CHRIST is a premium jewelry brand. CHRIST shops are beautiful and they always express their unique creativity while designing the shops. You can find fascinating jewelry collection that comprises classic as well as innovative modern designs. Their brand and designer collections are also supplemented by exclusive designer editions by Toni Gard and Jette Joop.

Dolce & Gabbana

An exclusive Dolce & Gabbana boutique was unveiled at the Vienna Airport, Termi-nal 3 in 2012. This international branded boutique offers a 120m² shop space and displays the complete product line of the Dolce & Gabbana brands that includes bags, footwear, and fashion accessories such as jewelry, watches, and eyewear. If you wish to indulge in some luxury while waiting for your next flight, then this is the shop to be.

Ermenegildo Zegna

Ermenegildo Zegna is a premium Italian menswear brand. You can find this shop near the G gates. You can find apparel and men fashion accessories here. If you are a fan of Italian craftsmanship, then you will notice that the products offered by this brand reflect Italian traditions and expert designs.


If you are on the lookout for some legwear for a particular occasion, then Falke will work wonders for you. You will find products ranging from tights and playful stock-ings to elegant stay ups! Falke shop is located near the C gates.

Flavors of Austria

As the name suggests, this shop is specialized in premium quality Austrian goods. The shop entertains you to a wide collection of Austrian foods and drinks. These shops are located in the Plaza and near the C gates.


Freywille is a shop for artistic jewelry. The products offered by this shop define ex-quisite craftsmanship. This is a perfect shop to bring home some gifts for your loved ones. You can find products from brands such as Mucha, Monet, Hundertwasser, and Klimt.


FURLA is an international brand of bags for women. This brand also depicts fine Italian craftsmanship. Ladies, if you wish to expand your fashion accessories collection, then add a FURLA bag to it.


GRATiAE is a brand of organic beauty products. They have this wonderful skin care line for anti-aging. Do try this out.

Hallohallo Shop

This shop is your go-to destination if you need anything related to electronic gadgets. Be it sims, phones, chargers, headphones, earphones, or any other electronic gadget accessories, you will find everything here.

Heinemann Duty-free

This duty-free store is part of the Heinemann group. In addition to fashion accessories, you can enjoy a wide range of food delicacies, buy quality cosmetics and unique toys. These shops are located all over the airport.

Hub Convenience Store

Here you will find things to amuse yourself during your trip - notebooks, magazines, newspapers, snacks, beverages, and other travel supplies.

Hugo Boss

Vienna Airport has numerous Hugo Boss stores where you can find a large collection of premium branded garments. You can go wild while shopping here!

There are numerous other shops/brands where you can go on a shopping spree such as La Cure Gourmande, Liska, Longchamp, Manner, Memories, Michael Kors, Mr. Mobile, ObeyYourBody, Olymp, PEZ, Philipp Plein, Picard, Rimowa, Rituals, Salvatore Ferragamo, Samsonite, Schmitt & Trunk, Senses of Austria, Skechers, Superdry, Swarovski, etc.

Eat, drink and relax at Vienna Airport

Sometimes, you may not be in the mood to hop through a shopping spree. All you might want is a cozy place to relax. In that case, Vienna Airport brings to you comfortable lounges! Here, you can make the most of your time preceding your departure or during a long layover.

The lounges at Vienna Airport provides buffet from Do & Co, drinks that are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, free WiFi, a collection of international magazines and newspapers, massage chairs to relax, showers, and booths for smoking.

If you are traveling first class or business class, you can access these lounges. Moreover, certain credit cards and membership cards also offer this opportunity.

But if you do not have any of the above, then you can access the lounges at a fixed price of € 29,90.

Vienna Airport offers 5 lounges:

JET Lounge
-    This Schengen lounge is ideal if you are departing from B, C and D gates.
-    Their timings are 05:00 to 22:00 hours (daily).

AIR Lounge
-    This non- Schengen lounge is ideal if you are departing from D gates.
-    Their timings are 05:00 to 24:00 hours (daily)
SKY Lounge
-    This Schengen lounge is ideal if you are departing from F and G gates.
-    Their timings are 05:00 to 22:00 hours (daily)

Austrian/Star Alliance Lounges
These lounges cover large areas and are really top-class. The Austrian lounge offers Senator Lounge, Business Lounge, and HON Circle Lounge in each of the areas of the lounge.

austrian star alliance lounge vienna airport

Air Café

If you had no time to visit the best coffehouses in Vienna and you are in a mood to enjoy a wonderful collection of snacks, along with delicacies of the famous traditions of the Viennese coffeehouse, then this is a must-visit.


Fancy a drink? Especially a beer with a savory snack? Then, do drop in the Airbrew!


The little shop at the Vienna airport is a combination of baking traditions of Vietnam with coffee and comfort food. You can find traditional sweet pastries, innovative snacks that are hot as well as cold, and a selection of beverages. Takeaway is allowed.

Brezel Meister

The smell of the fresh bakery products at Brezel Meister will attract you towards the shop even if you don't want to. Here, you can find freshly baked Pretzels of Austrian specialty, a collection of coffee,  and soft drinks. Fill up your belly before your jour-ney starts.

Burger King

This doesn’t need any introduction and is never a bad idea for a quick stopover when hungry. Enjoy the delicious burgers during your layover of while waiting for your flight.

Café Admiral

Suddenly feel like visiting a sports bar while waiting in the airport for your next flight? Vienna Airport has it ready for you. Head over to the Café Admiral and enjoy live sports events every day. You may also come across many like-minded people and may even spice up things with a betting offer.

Café Wien

What do you get when you combine the specialty coffee roaster of Vietnam and cosmopolitan products related to tea along with the special Vietnamese pastry? You get Café Wien!

Caffè Ritazza

Specialty coffees, exotic local dishes, snacks, and appetizing cakes all scooped to-gether in a warm and friendly space. Sounds lovely, right? Well, this is what Caffè Ritazza offers.

Culto Caffè e Cioccolato

This place depicts the typical culture around an Italian coffee house. Enjoy chocolate, espresso, panini, and dolce. This cafe also offers light drinks to complete their range of offerings.

Daily Roast

As the name suggests, Daily Roast is famous for their coffee blends that are produced from Arabica beans and are freshly roasted on a daily basis. Their specialty also lies in offering tasty snacks for on-the-go passengers.


This place has a unique concept. It’s both a wine bar as well as a shop. You can enjoy a glass of wine while going through the bottled wines and the special cheese in order to make a purchase.


Here you can taste the world, literally! This place offers exotic cuisines from all over the world. They offer meals which you can either choose to consume there or take it with you on your journey and devour it only when you are in the air.

henry wien airport

Jamie´s Deli

This self-service stall offer sandwiches and snacks that you can take on-board as well. No matter your taste, you will find some snack suited for your buds here.

jamie's deli restaurant at vienna airport schwechat

Johann's Biereck

Johann's Biereck offers a wide collection of beers (both local and international), snacks, and local products. You are allowed to smoke throughout the space.

Juice Factory

Healthy fresh organic juice on mind? This is the place!


This place buzzes with International and Austrian food. You will also find specialties with local origins. They even have a smoking area where you can consume your food as well.

Rustichelli Mangione

Rustichelli Mangione is a combination of traditional Italian food with a touch of innovation and splendid customer service.

Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks Coffee doesn’t need a description, does it?

Take Off

An amalgam of a coffee house and a pub, this place tasty snacks, 4 different types of draft beers, pastries, and their specialist coffees.

take off cafe at vienna schwechat airport

The Dubliner

An Irish pub that serves whiskey and beer brought specially from the Emerald Isle. Enjoy the live music, the lively Irish hospitality, and linger on those comforting snacks.

Sleeping at Vienna Airport

Now, with your shopping done and your tummy full, you still have time to kill? What’s the next best option?

Are you tired from all the hopping through shops and restaurants?

Do you just want to go to sleep?

If yes, then fret not. We will provide you a guide for that too!

In Terminal 3, near the gates F20 and F37, there are long hallways adorned with comfortable couches. These areas are quiet too and a great place to take a quick nap.

Notice the small cubicles near the gates where you can charge your electronic devic-es? These places are meant for privacy. So why not get a shut-eye while charging your phone or laptop?

You will find a lot of couches without armrests where you can lay down to have some rest.

Or you can just retreat to the lounges that we mentioned earlier and get a few hours of relaxing time.

Hope we have covered almost everything that you would like to do while stuck with a delayed flight or layover. After you arrived in style with your limousine or taxi service you have nothing else to do, but have a great time at the Vienna Airport!

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