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Top 5 Michelin Star Restaurants in Vienna

Try at least one of those fancy Michelin-star restaurants in Vienna! Believe us, it is really worth it!

Dec 18, 2017 | Travel guide

mraz and sohn vienna

The restaurant culture is to Vienna to what cheese is to pizza; it is the key ingredient.  So if you are heading to Vienna on your next trip, it’d be good for you to see where you can head out to in hunt for food. We will also talk about the distance of these local restaurants from the airport so that you can easily take an airport shuttle, a taxi or a limousine – if you want to ride in style – to the restaurant.


Lasagna, Bolognese pasta, pizza… The restaurant’s name should be a big enough hint to suggest you that the cuisine served here is Italian. In addition to mouth-watering food, the interior of this restaurant is pretty commendable as well.

If you are looking for a fancy night out then be sure to head straight to Fabio’s. Since this restaurant is so classy and sophisticated a very glamorous crowd gathers up here.

The assortment and nature of dishes is certain to fulfill all palates. Notwithstanding the top notch primi e secondi, Fabios can be pleased with its extravagant inside plan. The exquisite calfskin, dull wood and dull lights make this eatery a standout amongst the most refined spots in the city. Fabios additionally works as a parlor bar.

Konstantin Filippou

The child of a Greek father and an Austrian mother, culinary specialist Konstantin Filippou's multicultural foundation is apparent in the tasty dishes he offers.

Inaugurated last March, this exquisite spot rapidly got popularity for being extraordinary compared to other new eateries in Vienna – and it is surely the best setting to watch what's happening in the kitchen while getting a charge out of a gourmet supper.

Like an accomplished ensemble director, Konstantin Filippou makes his culinary orchestras in a way that is both basic and able to do completely commending the flavor and nature of every fixing. With his expertise, Filippou takes his demographic back to the foundations of cooking: essential taste. At each bite a pleasant surprise awaits you.


Shiki is located near the Vienna Opera House, in a little and quiet back street in the downtown area. It just opened its entryways in February 2015, yet has just picked up a great deal of consideration from the press, voyagers and local people. The owner, the worldwide effective conductor and violinist Joji Hattori, made an idea of showing a unique nourishment encounter by entertaining his visitors with contemporary, bona fide Japanese food with European articulations and style. The readiness of all dishes occurs at the most elevated amount, so taste and introduction is genuinely a devour for your gourmet and eyes.

Café Steirereck

This perfect restaurant is a comfortable and popular place situated in the Stadtpark and it serves the best exemplary Viennese cooking. Notwithstanding that, contemporary Austrian dishes are likewise served here. The eatery's basement involves 35,000 various types of wine which supplements the dishes of the restaurant.

Steirereck is sure to mollify even the most demanding individuals. The scene has been conceded two Michelin stars and is for the most part acclaimed as a champion among different diners not just in Vienna or Austria, but instead on the planet.

Here, the astounding gourmet master Heinz Reitbauer routinely make stunning dishes that reinterpret traditional Austrian cooking with a contemporary curve. An extensive variety of scrumptious dishes is created here and amassed using creative and top-secret fixings. Of particular note is the amazing arrangement of handmade bread and fragrant cheeses.

A real gem arranged in the central Stadtpark, Steirereck is an unmissable treat for those with a crave a part of the best sustenance on offer in Vienna.
This eatery has earned the acknowledgment in the Elite Traveler Top 100 Restaurants in the World.

Mraz & Sohn

When you wander far from the Ring looking for another eatery, you enter an interesting blend amongst interest and dread. Unearthing Mraz and Sohn in Brigittenau will help you find a touch of both.

The simplicity of the décor and the mouth-watering food in this restaurant makes it an expat favorite so be sure to check it out.
This restaurant is 20 minutes bus ride away from the airport.

The best Michelin Lauded restaurants in Vienna can be found in the city center, but there are tons of amazing restaurants near the airport as well. You can easily get to any downtown hotel from Vienna Airport by taxi if you are traveling alone or a limousine if you are travelling with family.

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