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Top 10 Nightclubs in Vienna

Vienna is the

Dec 13, 2017 | Travel guide

vienna nightlife clubs

There is a simple reason why Vienna is featured in countless articles ranking cities with the best nightlife in the world. As the hours of the night pass by and your inner desire to party rises, call any taxi company in Vienna and they will take you to some of the absolutely hottest nightclubs in the city. Sure, there are so many nightclubs and bars to go to, but where’s the real, hard party anyway? We composed a list of ten highly recommended nightclubs in Vienna, so if you are heading for some serious parties, add few of these on your list.

The Viper Room

Located at Landstr Hauptstr 38, the Viper Room is based two levels below the surface. Hence, you better leave your smartphone at home, since there’s no signal down there. The club does not feature any resident DJs, nor has any specific program, however it is packed to the roof during the weekends. At occasions, this place organizes many events ranging greatly: from LGBT events to heavy metal gatherings, making it a truly diverse hotspot.


There is not a single Viennese person who is not familiar with the Pratersauna club. Being a former sauna and a swinger club, today this is the hottest place to be in the city. You can choose from a variety of genres inside, from live electro acts to minimal techno DJ performances at the same time on different floors. The charm of the old sauna is kept and skillfully blended with a more contemporary look. Before you leave, make sure to glance at their unique toilets!

prater sauna vienna wien

Club U

If you are passing by Karlsplatz, turn just inside the Art Nouveau Otto Wagner Pavilion and pop-in the Club U. Conveniently placed in a basement, this nightclub can be entered straight from an underground passage. The interior is truly yellow and this feature is really one of a kind. The clubbers are guaranteed to dance to the beat of many music genres, from hip hop to soul music and techno. If you get tired, just head to the cozy sitting area right in the middle of the venue and observe the crowd going wild.

OST Club

Sitting in a historic cellar at Schwarzenbergplatz 10/1 the OST Klub is a former bazaar space which later became a jazz club. Today, the place is one of the hottest nightclubs in Vienna, but also the very center of Balkan music for those enjoying such vibes, ranging from gypsy melodies, turbo polka or Balkan beats. Mainly, the music is performed by live bands, urging the crowds to get up and dance. So, if you want to experience an unusual night, this may be the right place.

ost club vienna wien


Being recently renovated, the Clubschiff is located at Schwedenplatz and now comes with an amazing sun deck right next to the water, making it a completely enjoyable open air partying location. Sitting on the Danube River, the place has to offer both live music events and regular club nights, accompanied by breathtaking river sights. If you’re in a more intimate mood, you can rent one of the boats, grab a cocktail and head for a short cruise, leaving the wild party in the background.

Chelsea Club

For three decades now, the Chelsea Club is fueling the Vienna nightlife with good music, ranging from rock, punk, indie rock and pop music. The interior is pretty stylish for a club with such history, featuring lounge chairs and flat TV screens placed in the outdoor area if you enjoy soccer. Basically, it has the flair of a typical club, mixed with a loose atmosphere to hang out.

chelsea klub vienna wien

Donau Techno Nightclub

Up for some heavy partying and even harder drinks? Then, we recommend to add the Donau Techno nightclub on your agenda. Since there is no large sign or an extravagant entrance, the place may be a bit difficult to find. Just head to Karl-Schweighofer-Gasse 10 and look for a front door guarded by a bouncer. This club is ideal for the techno-loving crowds. Featuring huge visual designs all over the walls, the interior transforms into a giant projecting screen. And, before you head home, make sure to try some of those sausages from the Austrian takeaway stand called ‘Wurstelstand’ placed in the middle of the bar.

donau techno bar wien vienna

Chaya Fuera

Located in the 7th district and titled as the second top nightclub in Vienna is the Chaya Fuera club. For anyone wishing to spend the night in a more stylish location with a fancy cocktail, this place rises up to the occasion. The club offers broad selection of new music, from international pop hits to electro, rock and soul sounds. Some week nights are reserved for live performances so make sure to check their program. More than 20 projector screens display international artists all over the walls, adding up to the truly exclusive interior of the place.

chaya fuera club vienna wien

Flex Club

Talking about legends, the Flex club is the best known nightclub location in Vienna, adored by the locals and googled by the tourists. Being composed of two parts, the Flex Café and the Flex Club, you can chill at some of the benches in the outdoor area with a cold beer in the summer and later head inside the dark interior to dance till dawn. The legend says that everyone who got to party at the Flex Club, came out with an incredible story.

flex klub wien vienna

Grelle Forelle

Sitting next to the Danube River, the Grelle Forelle club is one of the places that offers top quality music performed live by many international DJs from different electronic genres. There’s an entrance fee, but having their program in mind, it is worth it. Inside you can see a large bar placed in the middle of the venue, a huge dance floor with truly unique lights, high walls decorated with glass and tables in the back for those who wish to chill a bit. The parties here start after 1 AM, so it is best to warm-up a bit before heading to the Grelle Forelle club.

Vienna is a city where the music is loud, the drinks are cold and the crowds are fun. So when landed, grab a Wien-Schwechat Airport taxi to Vienna center, or an airport shuttle and give in to an unforgettable experience.

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