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Top 10 bars to hit while in Vienna

You should not miss any of them!

Dec 11, 2017 | Travel guide

eberts cocktail bar wien

Vienna charms with plenty of historic spots, palaces and wide boulevards during the day. But an important advice to anyone traveling to Vienna is to also experience the rich nightlife this capital has to offer. Once you land safely and arrange for your airport transfer by Vienna airport bus, a shuttle service, an airport bus or even a limousine for a refined stay or a minivan rental for a group enjoyment, make sure to hit one of the selection of ten bars we recommend below.

Schikaneder Bar

Named after Emanuel Schikaneder, an artist, singer and poet from the 18th century and placed right on Margaretenstraße 24, the Schikaneder Bar features a pretty simple and yet comfortable and relaxed interior, posing as a stopping point for many intellectuals, students and artists. Additionally, there’s a program of resident DJs during some nights, as well as film projecting nights in an adjacent cinema for the avant-garde visitors.

Kruger’s American Bar

Located in the center of Vienna at Krugerstraße 5 and near the Vienna State Opera, the Kruger’s American Bar features very amusing old style leather seats from the 1920s and 1930s, contributing to the very comfortable ambient. Additionally, the bar has plenty of different cocktails to offer, along with a selection of brandy, whiskeys and rums. Posing as an American bar, there’s also a selection of cigars to be enjoyed by the visitors with jazz, soul or blues tunes.

Puff Bar

Sitting on Girardigasse 10 and very close to the Vienna’s Naschmarkt, the Puff Bar was a former brothel. As a tribute to its history, the place’s interior shows a black and red design, enriched with a centerpiece quirk – a chandelier made of bottles - hanging over the bar. This bar is very lively and has a solid variety of interesting cocktails and a selection of drinks. If you are looking for a dynamic night out, then the Puff bar is your place.

Motto Bar

Located on Schönbrunner Strasse 30 in Vienna, the Motto Bar has a pretty stylish interior, making it ideal for a true cocktail experience, supported by electronic and lounge music vibes in the background. In case some of the visitors get hungry, the place also offers traditional Austrian dishes, along with Italian and Asian cuisine. And after few drinks in such cozy atmosphere, call one of the taxi companies to take you home safely.

Bockshorn Irish Pub

Few minutes from St. Stephen’s Cathedral on Naglergasse 7, the Bockshorn Irish Pub is can be found down a small alley. Being the city’s secret jewel, you may need detailed instructions by the locals to find it. It is mainly known of its age and size, being the oldest and the smallest bar in all Vienna. The walls feature various Irish memorabilia like beer mats and shields, tightly populating the walls top to bottom, and the thirsty visitors are offered plenty of beers, but also a selection of ciders and whiskeys. So, for a truly historic visit, make sure to find this tiny place.

Onyx Bar

Talking about a refined and luxurious night out in Vienna, head to the Onyx Bar in the famous Haas House in the heart of Vienna. Being placed just across the St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the bar is widely known for the spectacular day and night panoramic views of the city.  Being a loose and cozy bar during daytime, the Onyx Bar becomes a true nightlife hotspot where the visitors can enjoy cocktails in a pretty elegant atmosphere, sometimes surrounded by local celebrities and politicians. Just be sure to pack some fancy clothes to pass by the bouncer.

Donau Techno Club and Bar

Guarded by a dark iron door and a determined bouncer on Karl-Schweighofer-Gasse 10, the Donau Techno club and bar is not very easy to locate. The place offers a plethora of electronic music genres in the company of truly impressive ambience. Many local DJs have their resident and guest sets performed here, especially during the weekends, while the walls are decorated with lively changing projected patterns. For those looking for a wild night out, the Donau Techno Club and Bar is open till dawn.

Chelsea Club and Bar

Sitting right in the Stadtbahnbögen (vaults under the metro network of the city), the Chelsea Club and Bar is a place for local and international musicians and folks of all ages. It mainly offers a laid back atmosphere for a more relaxed evening. Most of all, it’s a gathering point for sports fans who enjoy a cold beer while catching a game of soccer on the flat screen TVs.

Strandbar Herrmann

If you are visiting Vienna during the summer, head to Herrmannpark and find the Strandbar Herman place, where you can relax right next to the Danube Channel (or the Donaukanal). Basically, this city beach club features sand, delicious cocktails, snacks, hammocks and beach chairs making it a perfect getaway from the urban jungle. The music is good, featured by DJ sessions, and the visitors are young, mainly travelers and students, always open for a chat.

Eberts Cocktail Bar

In the quest of a truly dedicated cocktail bar, add the Eberts Cocktail Bar on the list. Sitting on Gumpendorfer Strasse 51, this place is a pretty modern and yet comfortable bar specializing in cocktails from around the world, while creating incredible cocktails of their own. The selection varies from cocktails made with gins, rums and fine whiskeys, but also with other high quality spirits. And if you wish to learn how to shake cocktails like a master, the owner has a bar-keeping school in the same building where you can take classes.

Regardless if you are looking for a relaxed evening or a lively night full of dancing, make sure to get to the airport on time. Vienna has a variety of transportation services to offer, like the Vienna airport bus, a shuttle service or a taxi service, so play it safe and arrange one on time.

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