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Things That Make Vienna a Great City

Vienna offers a lot to nearly every type of tourists

Jan 2, 2018 | Travel guide

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Vienna is one of the best cities in the world to live in, and according to some latest studies, it’s been voted as the first best city to live in, in terms of quality of life. Many parameters are taken into account here, so we have composed a list of the best things that make Vienna a great city, hoping to urge you, the restless traveler, to pack your bags and hit the airport. You can go through the list while you’re on your Wien-Schwechat Airport transfer and consider some of the best tourist bars and nightclubs in Vienna, by the way.

Affordable housing

When living in any city, being able to afford a decent roof over your head is pretty important. The Viennese apartments are one of the best there are, radiating with polished parquet flooring, high ceilings, spacious rooms and gorgeous façades to go with the interior. However, the most important thing is that these come with pretty affordable rents. Even though the rent prices have been steadily increasing recently, they still are relatively low when compared to many European cities. On top of that, the social housing system is pretty solid, where 60% of the city’s population is residing in subsidized apartments.

Healthy environment

Pollution today is hitting the maximum level, while major cities are suffocating in smog. However, Vienna is among the cleanest and greenest cities in the world, where air quality is marked as good and drinking water quality and accessibility is very high. On top of that, the noise and light pollution is pretty low for such a visited city.

Infrastructure and transport services

A highly functional public transport system is of great essence when talking about productive life in the city. Daily commuting is a drag as it is, so there’s no need to deepen the pain with delays and crowded cabins. The U-Bahn (subway) in Vienna is reliable and easy to navigate, including 24-hour services on weekends. The annual tickets actually cost one euro per day. If you’re a cyclist, do note that Vienna has some of the clearest clear pathways with many cycle routes around the city.

Education quality

The education system in Vienna is of top quality and the local universities rank among the best in the world. The “Montessori method”, a progressive form of education encouraging the individual’s thought and creativity, is practiced in kindergartens and in early years of education. Additionally, Vienna has a few specialist schools for children who don’t perform well under conventional forms of education, such as The Rudolph Steiner School, which practices an experimental approach to learning by following the individual’s strengths.

Blooming economy

Being the 14th richest country in the world, with a well-developed social market economy, Austria is keeping close ties with other EU members, so export trade is vital to its economy. The World Bank has declared that Austria has one of the highest GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per person, indicating a very high standard of living for citizens. On top of that, Austria has around 18,500 organic farms, being a huge contributing factor to its economy.

Health care

Austrian insurance can only be described with one word – impressive! But it’s not only the benefits that are amazing, but they are provided by highly skilled staff in the clinics and hospitals. Both therapy and counseling are incorporated in how Austrians live – especially having in mind that Austria is the home of the psychoanalysis godfather Sigmund Freud.

Low crime rates

Vienna has the lowest crime rates in Europe. This can be felt by the residents as well – their worries about theft, muggings and assaults are very low. A person is perfectly able to safely walk home late at night, and the same goes double for walking during the day. Of course that there are some dodgy areas same as in any other city, but in general, Vienna is one of the securest places on Earth.

Perfect location

If you look at it, Vienna is actually the capital of Europe and this definitely has its benefits. Italy, Slovenia, Hungary and Germany are easily accessible by car or train, and although Austria is a landlocked country, the Mediterranean Sea can be easily reached by a relatively short car journey. And if you seek for something closer, the River Danube will satisfy your desire to swim and relax.


Vienna is bursting of culture, music, theater and arts. The biggest heritage in Vienna is left by some truly monumental artists, such as Beethoven, Klimt and Mozart, to name a few. Vienna has mesmerizing museums and some wonderful music venues, including the world-famous Vienna State Opera House, where thousands of visitors flock each year to see world-class musical performances. Talking about tradition and culture, the Viennese coffee culture is no exception. Today, the Viennese coffee houses are as institutions, adored by locals and tourists for providing a space relax and enjoy a cup of coffee. During the 19th century, these places were second homes to many intellectuals, artists and philosophers, holding a reputation for being cultural hubs for debate and creation.

Countryside proximity

Vienna is the greenest city in Europe, surrounded by lush hills and landscapes, with a lot of amazing parks to explore and routes to hike in and around the city. If you ever feel the need to fill your lungs with country air, taking a break away from the city is easy. All fantastic vineyards and endless hills are just a short train-ride away.

Living in Vienna is one of the best decisions a person can do, even though the actual moving has its difficulties and obstacles. However, this should not stop you to visit Vienna very soon. So grab a shuttle service once you land and hit the city to check Vienna´s most important spots. We promise you a trip of a lifetime!

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