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Wiener Schnitzel Guide

Find the best place to have that unforgettable Wiener Schnitzel

Dec 22, 2017 | Travel guide

Gasthaus Kopp Wiener Schnitzel Vienna

European countries often fight over where Schnitzel was originally originated. Austria is one of the countries which take part in this debate. So since you are planning a trip to Vienna, why don’t you head to some of these restaurants to get a taste of this famous dish and be your own judge whether the Austrian Schnitzel is amazing or absolutely divine!

We have compiled a list of four restaurants that offer the best Schnitzel in Vienna so read on below to find out more:


Schnitzelwirt is a place loaded with pleasent surprises – from the food to the bar stools that make anyone who sit on them appear as though they're wearing a couple of good old Lederhosen.

The dishes take pleasantly little time to be served and before you know it you would be confronting sizzling, ginormous, brilliant bits of covered pork holding up to be eaten up. To be completely forthright, they do make a good Schnitzel. All things considered an entirely delicious one, in any case, we believe their growing surveys on the net have more to do with the mammoth size, as opposed to their quality and taste. I’d say Schnitzelwirt is the sort of place you need to tick off the list once, and afterward never think back.

Gasthaus Kopp

Something about this place influences people to feel like regulars despite the fact that it is their first time going to this restaurant. The Wirt, a genuine outdated Viennese who influenced a profession out of tending to tables. The place resembles it's been designed by various trinkets that standard clients have gotten on Austrian get-aways: old metal plates with great Austrian brands on the dividers, racks loaded with fired pints one would discover in town bug markets and, our top pick, a plastic life-estimate chicken over the bar. The place has an aroma of fried food leaving the kitchen, the lighting is odd and there's freaky little men and ladies weaved onto the farmhouse table fabric.  

It's about decision with regards to Schnitzel at Kopp. There is a long line of schnitzels one can arrange here, including some "unique" manifestations, most being under 10€ (with the exception of the Wiener Schnitzel, obviously).


What began as a Heurigen (wine bar) in an external locale, has turned out to be a standout amongst the most celebrated eateries in the city since it moved to the downtown area in 1905, and it's earned its name for their Schnitzels that are greater than the plate they're served on.

Every year, there are more than 200,000 Schnitzels served up at Figlmüller by proficient servers that have been around so long, they're as much a part of the place as the furniture. And keeping in mind that numerous local people will neglect Figlmüller as an overhyped vacationer spot, they couldn't be all the more wrong. It doesn't get more native and established in the Viennese soul than the Figlmüller name, family, and the delightful Schnitzel they're serving up.

Exemplary dishes served by great Viennese servers, wearing their conventional clothing of high contrast. Here, they refer to 1905 as 'the year the schnitzel was conceived' when Johann Figlmüller set up his eatery just roads far from St Stephen's Cathedral. Pork cuts are utilized for the schnitzel at Figlmüller, beat to delicate flawlessness and afterward covered with 'magnificent breadcrumbs' from kaiser moves, giving the schnitzel its trademark crunchy external layer. Potato plate of mixed greens is generally served close by – or you can look over more than 12 unique servings of mixed greens. Not one for humble coffee shops, the schnitzel here overflows the plate.

Figlmüller Wiener Schnitzel Wien Vienna


Concealed amidst the notorious Bermuda Triangle party region, Salzamt appears as if time has stopped since it opened in 1983. The Schnitzel isn't overflowing the plate like most places we tested, however it's still all that could possibly be needed. It's not the crunchiest of Schnitzels however – the covering, on occasion, is excessively spongy for our enjoying. It breezed through the one centimeter test, and the veal meat was succulent. In any case, where Salzamt's Schnitzel truly sparkles however, is its flavoring.

Despite the fact that the eatery brags a consistently evolving menu, the Wiener schnitzel has remained a steady. Favoring the veal assortment, it is succulent, expertly prepared and presented with the ordinary associates of potato plate of mixed greens and greens.

The best restaurants to eat Schnitzel in Vienna can be found in the downtown area, but there are tons of amazing restaurants near the airport as well. You can easily get to any downtown hotel from Vienna Airport by taxi if you are traveling alone or a limousine if you are travelling with family.

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