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Security Tips You Should Know When Traveling to Vienna

Take our advice to have a relaxed holiday in Vienna

Dec 26, 2017 | Travel guide

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Vienna, and Austria in general, is a very safe place to travel to. However, the case is that some travelers are always more anxious than others and wish to be pretty well prepared for any inconvenience beforehand. Hence, while packing your suitcase and preparing to see some of the most recommended museums in Vienna, make sure to check the list of safety tips below, some more general than others, and reduce your stress while traveling from the Vienna airport to city. Here we go:

Vendors dressed as Mozart

While walking through the center of Vienna, you will notice many individuals dressed as Mozart, usually centered around the most popular attractions and the cathedrals, warmly greeting the visitors. These performers (or vendors) are usually trying to sell tickets for a show or a concert. If you are not interested to buy a ticket, saying a firm “No” would make any Mozart dressed vendor to move on to the next person. However, if you do wish to buy a ticket from such vendor, be careful not to be scammed or ripped-off. Some scammers may be dressed the same as the real Mozarts and often sell fake tickets to shows, or sell the tickets at much higher prices. Having this in mind, it is always good to check if you can get your tickets online.

Beware of the cyclists

Vienna is a very bicycle-friendly city, so a lot of cyclist tend to ‘fly’ by you. Since they’re very fast, just remember to stick to your side of the clearly marked pavements and leave their side empty. Always be aware of the traffic signs around you and respect them while you move through the city. It is a good thing that all walking and cycling areas are clearly marked, so making a confusion is highly unlikely. The cyclists are also well respective of their marked area, so if you happen to be in their way, some exchange of rude words is possible.

Never get a taxi out of the street

This principle should be followed anywhere you go and it is really a question of a common sense. Even though Vienna is one of the safest cities in all of Europe, taxi scams are still possible. Whenever you need a ride, aside from the public transportation, always ask for a reliable taxi company from your hotel’s front desk or at any information point in the city, and they would gladly assist you with this. Otherwise, same as in any other capital, you might be charged a much higher fee than you should.

Refugees’ crisis poses no danger on the tourists

Today, there are so many articles addressing the Syrian refugees’ crisis and the impact it has on Europe. We hear about many explosions, attacks or terrorist acts directly linked to individuals who used other people’s misfortune to slip inside a certain country and make problems. Austria, being centrally positioned and much preferred by so many refugees trying to find a better future, tends to rise worries with many of the tourists considering to visit the country. If this is what’s worrying you as well, rest assured that the country has a solid internal security system and its institutions are being informed on any plot way before it develops or happens. So relax and keep your thoughts at a happier place.

Pickpockets operate at central gatherings

Being a victim to a pickpocket’s agenda is no picnic for anyone. Regardless of how safe a city is, you cannot avoid many of the small time crooks trying to grab your wallet. As you would notice, the central area of Vienna has so many attractions, accompanied by street performers, guitar players and mimics, putting on a show for a handful of cents ay or night. While they may be pretty honest in their entertaining intentions, there are others who may operate alone or in groups with a well prepared plan to distract you and snatch your wallet. As you may notice, some of them may even use children in their plans. But don’t be worried, since this is a common sight at many large cities. All you need to do is to keep an eye of your belongings and you will be safe.

Don’t be too open with strangers

Same as before, the common sense should kick in here and tell you that you should be careful when communicating with any stranger on the street. You may read that Vienna is a very safe place and the locals are pretty fun and friendly, however you should always be reserved in situations when you find yourself on the street accompanied by someone you don’t know. Same as in any other city, scammers and robbers do exist, so you may find yourself in a very bad situation if you are too reckless. If you need assistance, ask in a shop or in a café. If you do wish to get to know the locals, try to limit the encounters at public places, like bars, restaurants or cafes where you won’t be alone.

Vienna is without a doubt a museum of a city and a center of fine arts, fine food and even finer residents. Making a short or a long visit should be on the agenda of any traveler at least once in the lifetime. The city is organized so well and making a Wien-Schwechat Airport transfer is a piece of cake. So, whenever you find yourself there, just be positive to behave according to the locals’ dos’ and don’ts and keep in mind the guidelines above.
We wish you a careless stay and a peaceful visit!

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