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Hot Jazz Clubs to Visit in Vienna

Vienna is truly the City of Music. Let's see what it offers for a jazz-lover!

Dec 10, 2017 | Travel guide

jazz clubs in wien vienna

Talking about music, Vienna is one of the historic capitals where melodies were born. From Mozart to Schoenberg’s 12-tone music scale, all the way to today’s modern electro-vibes and hip hop tunes, Vienna offers a plethora of options for the music lovers. However, unlike many capitals, Vienna has plenty of jazz and blues locations at its plate. For all those refined, bee-bop or lonesome blues tunes, we recommend a quick plane ride to Vienna and catching a quick airport transfer, like a shuttle service or a taxi service to head at some of the hottest jazz venues in the city.

Albertina Passage Club

Very comfortably situated in the heart of the city, the Albertina Passage dinner club can be reached at the Vienna State Opera. The place is mostly known for its very sophisticated and refined cuisine, paired with high quality live jazz music, delivered in an astonishing futuristic ambience. Previously known simply as a pedestrian underpass, this location now radiates as a unique dinner club. Existing as a mixture of classy dining, American bar and live music venue, the place offers both elegant international menus and traditional Viennese cuisine. The live jazz performance stage is placed in the middle of the club, surrounded by the seating area. Later in the night, the Albertina Passage Club becomes a dance venue, usually offering local and foreign DJs on the repertoire. A truly remarkable detail is the curved cocktail bar with futuristic design to match the stage and the surroundings, accommodating around 300 visitors per night.

Porgy & Bess Club

Being the top jazz location in Vienna, the Porgy & Bess club is very popular since the beginning of the 90s and one of the top ten jazz clubs around Europe in 2016. Having this in mind, it is also a pretty expensive venue. But the live band performances are worth every penny, since the agenda of the place features local and internationally known musicians, so no matter on the night you choose to pop-in, you’re guaranteed a smooth jazz ride in a very interesting atmosphere. Often, the club’s program offers sessions and workshops done by musicians, as well as “Jazz for Kids” events. It is a modern club with a mini-concert hall feeling to be enjoyed by 350 enthusiasts who show deep respect and attentiveness to the musical performers. The evenings at the club are pleasurable and comfortable, offering a variety of jazz performers, from light and colorful Cuban performers to much darker and experimental artists coming from the heart of Europe. Planted by the Swiss musician Mathias Rüegg back in 1993, the purpose of the place was to invite international jazz performers to Vienna. But only few years later, the Porgy & Bess club grew to be a norm for the local and for the international scene, moving to a much more attractive venue in 2001. And when you look around, remember that the rooms were used by amateur and professional theater groups in the middle of the 19th century.

1019 Jazz Club

Just north of the city center in the 9th district and named after an Eric Gales song, the 1019 Jazz club features live performance music six nights a week. There is a more refined crowd here, coming in early to enjoy the stunning atmosphere paired with exquisite food, such as organic Angus burgers and ravioli dishes, along with a selection of really fine wines and craft beers for a top-quality night out. In the urge to hear truly good music, the visitors can enjoy the sounds of both local and international bands performing contemporary sounds, crossover and variety of jazz. Right in the middle of the venue, there’s a long, smooth wooden bar for those who are more interested in casual conversations with new faces, while enjoying a drink. The history of the 1019 Jazz club is short since the venue was opened in March, 2016, however besides the young age, the place had become a real magnet for pure music lovers, musicians and generally crowds who wish to enjoy top food and beverage quality in a loose but refined atmosphere.

Jazzland Club

Being determined to unite all music enthusiasts in one location and invite performers from all over the world, Axel Melhardt, a known jazz scene entrepreneur, founded the Jazzland Club on Franz-Josefs-Kai 29, today being one of the oldest jazz clubs still existing in Vienna. The club opened its doors over three decades ago, where there was only small jazz scene to be seen. But, as a result of the hard work of the Jazzland club over the years, the jazz scene became wider and more versatile. The club put effort in bringing together Austrian artists with internationally known performers, spreading high quality vibes to the generations to come. Nearly all famous Austrian jazz artists have performed at least once in the club. In addition to that, over 300 US starts played at the club, among which Bud Freeman Big Joe Williams, Little Brother Montgomery, Teddy Wilson, Max Kaminsky, Art Farmer, Clark Terry, Benny Carter, Lee Konitz, Ray Brown and Herb Ellis. Truly fascinating jazz crowd!

In addition to that delicious music, the place offers high quality traditional Viennese cuisine, slightly adapted for more international taste buds.

Nightfly's American Club

Situated close to St. Stephen's Cathedral at Dorotheergasse 14, you can visit the American Bar Nightfly's. Every Thursday from October to June, the place celebrates "Sparkling Piano Nights". If you wish to enjoy some fine cocktails, this place offers over 250 top-notch cocktails side by side with some of the finest rums, whiskeys and cigars selections from around the world. It is truly a throwback to the old-school cocktail bars from decades ago. The prices are fair for the quality of drinks (and preparation performance!) you’ll get. There’s a solo jazz piano performance pretty often and the whiskey bottles take up most of the interior. The Nightfly's is a smoking place, so if you can’t really stand the smell of smoke in a small place, you may want to skip this place.

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