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Best Tourist Bars and Nightclubs in Vienna

Feel like going out tonight? Read this guide about the hottest spots in Vienna!

Dec 9, 2017 | Travel guide

donau techno bar wien vienna nightlife

If you consider hitting Vienna this year, be sure that the Viennese know how to party. And party hard, that is! The locals enjoy cold and tasty beer, all-night dancing to electro-vibes and openly interact with new and interesting people. Once in this European center of top-quality nightlife, you can choose from a variety of bars, clubs and lounges. If you happen to be one of those extreme-partiers, be sure that you can reach any nightlife spot straight from the airport, party for 3 days and go home – just make sure to use a recommended Wien-Schwechat Airport transfer. So, with no delay, pack some nice clothes, learn few German words and hit the clubs.

Hard Rock Cafe Vienna

When talking about tourist bars and nightclubs, the Hard Rock Café in Vienna is a mandatory stop. Situated at Rotenturmstraße 25, this is the best place to see some unusual music history clothes and instruments. Freddie Mercury’s jumpsuit and the Coldplay piano will keep you in good company while you have your juicy burger with a cold beer. The Hard Rock Café Vienna was born during the summer of 2014 and functions as a typically American eatery based on the principle “first come, first served”. Having the waiting lines in mind, there are some local agencies where you may find vouchers to skip these lines and book in advance. Once you finish with the feast, make sure to wander around the Rock Shop and get some of their unique souvenirs with the very famous Hard Rock logo. The concept of the place is mixed, so while inside you can see a multilevel construction featuring a chic bar and a performance space for live bands, accompanied by an outdoor terrace to enjoy on a sunny day. You can simply walk around to check all things in display or check out the interactive touch-screen wall. If you are a rock freak, then stop by at this place for an unforgettable piece of memorabilia.

Travel Shack

Looking for an international adventure? Then, the Travel Shack features your kind of crowd. Here you can meet travelers from around the world, young people and international students, all with a single mission on their mind – drink, laugh and have fun. Situated at Mariahilfer Gürtel 21, this American style bar offers alternative music vibes, pool tables to entertain yourself and loose atmosphere where you can chat as much as you want with interesting folks. On top of that, the prices are cheaper than most places in Vienna and the wi-fi is free. The bar gets more crowded as the night progresses, so it’s never too late to come in for a round of drinks. The rumor has it that the place is so good, that no one managed to leave after one round of drinks, so buckle up.

Onyx Bar

Craving for a posh and refined night out? Want to hang out with local (and international!) celebrities on a Saturday night? Then, make sure to dress nicely and hit the Onyx Bar on the 6th floor of the DO & CO Hotel. Placed in the very heart of Vienna and right opposite the St. Stephen's Cathedral, this bar offers an amazingly cozy and intimate atmosphere to chill during the day, or go wild during the night when the place transforms into a nightlife hotspot. The drinks are carefully selected here and the cocktails are properly shaken. The staff will make sure to pamper you while you enjoy the breathtaking view of the city under the night lights. Many actors and politicians can be met here, having fun as anyone else. Just make sure to dress-up real neatly if you wish to pass by the bouncers. The Onyx Bar offers a pretty unique and extravagant experience, dipped into a top-notch quality drink and wrapped in an amazing design. To truly appreciate the Vienna nightlife, this hotspot is a must see.

Donau Bar

Located at the Karl-Schweighofer-Gasse 10 in Vienna, the Donau Bar is one of the most popular and yet highly unique places around the city and in general. The walls are decorated with continuously changing pattern designs, while the electro-music blasts through the powerful sound system. It can’t get too loud for those young at heart, right? The service is pretty cool as well, the prices are more than reasonable and the bar is a pure magnet for young people and world travelers. If you find yourself wondering what to do and where to go at 2 AM in Vienna, just get a taxi service and pop-in for a drink and a dance. And yes, if you get hungry, they have some tasty sausages stand in the middle of the bar!

Pratersauna Club

Up for a legendary and unforgetable night out? Then, rent a limousine, gather your friends and make a blast of a trip! At Waldsteingartenstraße 135 you can find the Pratersauna Club, located inside a former sauna and a swinger club from the ‘60s. If you’re not sure on the electro-genre you prefer for the evening, then you can choose one of the few different floors this place has to offer. Yes, you read correctly, floors to choose from! Additionally, the club comes with an eclectic outdoor space with a garden pool to chill by and grab a smoke. Having this place’s reputation in mind, some of the hottest techno DJs flock to perform here, so you are guaranteed to catch an international music act.

Getting to Vienna is easy, the stay is more than fun and convenient and the nightlife is utterly amazing. And, getting from Vienna airport to the city is even easier. All you need to do is catch an airport shuttle or an airport bus and your adventure can begin.

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