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Best Coffeehouses in Vienna

The first thing comes into a Coffeeholic's Mind when hearing the word "Vienna" is Coffee. Vienna is home of many famous coffees. Just one word: Wiener Melange.

Dec 28, 2017 | Travel guide

café central vienna

Although, Europe is a continent almost the size of Texas but it is safe to say that the culture varies significantly from country to country. No two places are similar, which is why every city you visit, pleasantly surprise you with its customs. And while we are on that topic, let’s talk about the coffeehouse culture of Vienna.

Anyone who has been to Vienna can tell you how coffeehouses are spread throughout the city and often times tourists find it stressful to pick one café out of all the options presented to them. So in order to take the stress out of an otherwise exciting adventure, we have compiled this guide.
So be sure to visit coffeehouses in Vienna, otherwise your palette might just hate you forever.

Café Central

Café Central is an expat favorite mainly because it was opened in 1876 and ever since its inception; it has had an eventful calendar. This café has taken a top spot on this list because it has hosted famous and influential figures like Sigmund Freud, Adolf Loos and Leo Trotsky.
Having had such famous people as regular guests has made this café immensely popular, which is why this place is always filled with people.
Although the food served at this place is delicious, the staff isn’t famous for being the friendliest.

For a live Piano performance visit the Café Central at 5 PM.

The café central is around 50 minutes airport bus ride away from the Ibis Vienna Airport.

Pure Living Bakery

Like the name suggests, the Pure Living Bakery is a cozy and comfortable place to have coffee. Cookies and tart lovers will definitely get their money’s worth because this café has its own bakery which is very well reputed.

The décor of this café is inspired by the bakeries in the US.

The coffee at Pure Living Bakery has earned a good name by locals and tourists visiting from all around the world because it is prepared with a great attention to detail. So be sure to check out this café for a homely atmosphere, while you are in Vienna.
The Pure Living Bakery is 40 minutes airport shuttle ride away from the Ibis Vienna Airport.

Das Moped

The café Das Moped is closely located to a famous market in Vienna called the Rochusmarkt. Being in this café makes you feel as if you have taken a time machine and gone back to the 1950s. The décor and wallpapers do justice to the environment the owners wanted to create for this café.
However, you will be pleased to hear that the décor isn’t the only reason why you should pay a visit to this café. The food served here is amazing, which is why people keep coming back to it.

So if good food and a real insider trip to Vienna is what you were looking for on this trip, then be sure to head straight to the Das Moped café.
Das Moped is located 23 minutes away from the airport.


Coffee lovers from all around the world love this place, especially since it is an all in one coffeehouse. In addition to having an amazing coffeehouse environment, the Kaffeefabrik has its own roasting house too.

If you are the kind of person who seeks familiarity and recognition then this place is for you. Since this place is small, people get to know each other quite easily and a bond over a cup of coffee is created immediately.

From homemade tarts and cakes to tea and juices, you can get it all at this amazing café.
One of the best things about the Kaffeefabrik is that when you visit it, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank as it is affordable.

The Kaffeefabrik café is a 30 minute away from the Ibis Vienna airport.


For a cozy café that depicts that style of the 50s, you have got to visit Espresso. The Espresso café was opened in 2004 and renovations went down in order to make it completely look like a café from the 1950´s.

On the first step into Espresso, you completely feel as if you have been transported back to 1950 and its décor completely do justice to its theme.

If you visit Vienna during a nice weather then be sure to head to Espresso and take the outside seating.

From breakfast to dinner, you can have it all at the Espresso café as they have a wide range of food options which are scrumptious.

Espresso is approximately 40 minutes away from the airport.  If you feel like you want to get a coffee just after arriving get a taxi service at the airport with wientransfer and we’ll take you anywhere you wish to go.

So, there you have it! Top 5 coffeehouses in Vienna. If you have already been to Vienna then be sure to comment below your favourite café and why you loved it.

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