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The Differences between Different Types of Cabs in Vienna

Which is the best airport taxi in Vienna?

Feb 1, 2018 | Travel guide

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Luckily, today there are so many transportation options in Vienna, including private transfers for those who don’t want to use the city’s public transport. Since Vienna is one of the best organized and safest cities in the world, it offers a broad range of different private transport options. We have composed a list of different types of taxi services to help you make a distinction between each type of private transfer service before making your final decision. These options are particularly good to know in case you are considering them as airport transfers options too. So once you are done wandering around Vienna airport, grab your cab and hit the city center.

City taxis

Taxis are very easy to find within the city center of Vienna, however if you consider using such service, be warned that fares can quickly add up and eat your budget. Taxi stands are clearly marked by signs on many locations, or you can call one from your hotel or place of stay – just ask at the front-desk. The basic fare starts at 2.50€, adding 1.20€ per kilometer. There are extra charges of 1€ for placing luggage in the trunk of the vehicle. The fares may vary depending on the time of the day, so for night rides after 11 pm, and for trips on Sunday and holidays, there is a surcharge of 1€. There is an additional charge of 2€ if you ordered the taxi by phone. It is good to know that in Vienna there’s a culture of tipping the taxi driver when you pay for the ride. Usually, a 10% tip is well-accepted.

Airport taxi

As the name implies, airport taxis are used by passengers to travel to and from the airport in Vienna. They usually charge a fixed price of €36 for a maximum of 4 passengers, charged only for direct trips from any given address in Vienna to the airport. Some companies also offer special group fares on request. The main thing you need to do here is to specify that you’re in need of an airport taxi when making the booking, otherwise additional costs will be charged (around €13) for the taxi to return to Vienna. And if you are trying to catch one from the airport to the city, always look for the taxi coordinators to dedicate an airport taxi to you, in order to avoid any scams and enjoy a safe ride.

Private companies

Many companies today offer private transportation services with an exclusive fleet of vehicles, coupled with very competitive rates and professional English-speaking drivers. These companies arrange for the drivers to meet you at the airport, at your hotel or preferred starting point throughout in the city, and take you to your destination with no delays. They will help you with the luggage in the most professional and courteous way as well. This type of transportation is much recommended for business trips, since it comes with utmost ease, comfort and style.

When it comes to pricing, these companies usually offer the advantage of booking in advance and receiving a fixed price, meaning that you know exactly how much you're paying for the service when you book. All you need to do is to provide your flight number at the time of booking and your driver will track your flight to meet you on time. This reduces the stress and the waiting time, while no excessive charges will apply if your flight is late. Unfortunately, this is not always the case with the other types of transportation. These companies usually offer additional services, such as renting a private car and a driver during your stay to fully enjoy the beautiful city of Vienna. Hence, if you are in Vienna on business or as a group, consider renting this type of service to get everywhere in no time.

Special transports

Many companies throughout various countries in Europe today offer private transport services with special minibuses for wheelchair users and their escorts. By all means, Vienna has this special option as well. In case you are traveling individually or as part of a group where one or more people are disabled and have special needs in terms of transportation, today you can find plenty of private companies in Vienna which offer this type of services. These are usually specifically designed vehicles to provide and guarantee comfort while you travel from the airport and back, or in case you decide to rent this type of vehicle with a driver for a more comfortable sightseeing of Vienna.

Beware of unregistered transportation vehicles

Even though Vienna is one of the safest cities in the world, taxi scams and tourist rip-offs still occur from time to time. There are many individuals who operate with their own private and unregistered vehicles, claiming to provide you with an amazing deal if you use their services to get from and to the airport, or to any destination in the city. If you notice that their vehicle is unmarked and the person is eager to bargain, take this as a warning sign and walk away. Even though their deal may sound good, it is guaranteed that you will be scammed at the end of the ride. To avoid this, always use pre-booked transfer services, or call a reliable city taxi.

Any travel experience can be greatly impacted by the transfer services you will be using for your Wien-Schwechat Airport transfer. You can waste hours and a lot of effort on this, or comfortably reach your hotel in under an hour. Hence, always be sure to get all information beforehand to arrange for a most comfortable holiday start. And if you wish to have an even more pleasurable stay and cruise around Vienna’s most important spots with no effort, consider renting a private transportation service for a day or two.

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