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Best Christmas Markets in Vienna

Your Guide to Explore the Best Christmas Markets in Vienna in 2019

Nov 23, 2019 | Travel guide

With its imperial charm and stunning architecture, Vienna is beautiful in every season. Yet, if you look for a truly magical setting, visit the city in the winter.

From the end of November, countless Christmas markets (called Weihnachtsmärkte) pop up all over the city. The prettiest squares are turned into fairytale Christmas villages. Stalls are stuffed with mouth-watering treats and handcrafted goods. The aroma of mulled wine and gingerbread wafts through the air. And all you need is just a mug of wine to warm yourself in the freezing cold.
Visiting Vienna for the first time?
Check out my guide on how to spend 2 or 3 days in Vienna. It covers all the must-see attractions (plus how to skip the lines).

The Christmas markets in Vienna are a centuries-old tradition. In 1298 Albert I of Germany granted the privilege of holding a December market to the city. During the years new ones appeared turning the city into a magical place during Christmas time.
Where are the Christmas Markets in Vienna

There are 12 main Christmas markets in Vienna. Most of them are located in the Old Town or along the grand boulevard Ringstrasse. Thus you can easily tour them on foot.

However to get to the ones at the Prater and Schönbrunn Palace you’ll need to use public transport.
The best Christmas markets in Vienna in 2019 are at:

Rathaus (the City Hall)
Stephansplatz (around St. Stephen’s Cathedral)
Belvedere Palace
Maria-Theresien Platz (right between the Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Art)
Schönbrunn Palace

Most of them start in the middle of November (15th-22th November) and continue until 23rd December. Some of them are open on Christmas day, too. To be sure that all the markets will be open during your visit, plan your trip after 20th November.

If you’re visiting the city after Christmas, there will be a few Weihnachtsmärkte that are still open (see below). And only the ones at the Prater, Maria-Theresien Platz and Schönbrunn Palace continue a week after New Year.

Vienna Christmas markets dates 2019
From 15 November to 23 December
Every day from 11:00 AM to 09:00 PM
24 and 25 December – open Weihnachtsmärkte at Rathaus, Stephansplatz, Belvedere Palace, Maria-Theresien Platz, Schönbrunn Palace, Prater
Between 26 and 31 December 2019 – Belvedere Palace, Maria-Theresien Platz, Schönbrunn Palace and Prater
Between New Year’s Eve and 5-6 January 2020 – only at Maria-Theresien Platz, Schönbrunn Palace and Prater

If you’re interested in a particular market, please check its exact opening times (see further in the article).

christmas reindeers
The best hotels near Vienna Christmas markets

Where to stay in Vienna for Christmas markets? If you’re visiting the city in December, stay near Karlsplatz. There are two Weihnachtsmärkte at a short walk – at Karlsplatz and Belvedere Palace. Plus, you can easily reach every point of the city from Karlsplatz metro station (U1, U2 and U4 metro lines cross here).

Find more information in my full guide to where to stay in Vienna.
Austria Trend Hotel Astoria – Best for families

A very convenient location, less than 400m from Karlsplatz metro station and 2 Christmas villages. Huge comfortable rooms, perfect for a family stay at Christmas time.
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Das Opernring Hotel – Best for couples

An elegant hotel with an ideal location, right next to Opera House. Karlsplatz metro station and 3 Christmas villages are less than a 5min walk. Spacious rooms with large bathrooms.
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Apartment Oper – Apartments

Fantastic, perfectly equipped apartments less than 2min walk from Karlsplatz.
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Which is the best Christmas market in Vienna
Christmas World at the City Hall

Christmas World Rathaus

Although there are many awesome Christmas villages, one wins hands down in every aspect. It’s the Christmas World (Wiener Weihnachtstraum) at the City Hall (Rathaus). This is the biggest, the prettiest and the most popular one. So make sure it’s the number one on your list. Yet, be prepared for a lot of crowds, especially in the evenings.

The beautiful Rathaus all lit up and the giant Christmas tree create a magical atmosphere. More than 150 stalls offer tempting foods, warm drinks and beautiful decorations. Plus, the 3,000 m² ice rink with Christmas music in the background ensures a unique ice-skating experience.

If you look for mouth-watering seasonal treats, this is the place to go. It has the biggest range of traditional Viennese foods.

Wiener Weihnachtstraum Opening times
From 15 November to 24 December
Open daily from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
24th December – only until 07:00 PM
Address: Rathausplatz, 1010 Wien, Austria

ice rink Rathaus

Christmas World Rathaus
Top Christmas markets in Vienna 2019

It’s hard to visit all the 12 Vienna Christmas markets. Not that I didn’t try of course. However, if you want a quick glimpse of Vienna at Christmas time don’t miss these 5 below.
To explore the most famous markets take a Christmas guided walking tour. You’ll visit 4 of the markets and try some delicious hot punch with extra rum.
Christmas Market Stephansplatz

Christmas Market Stephansplatz

Located at the foot of St. Stephen’s Cathedral right in the heart of the city, this market is hard to miss. More than 40 stalls offer high-quality products from all over Austria. A giant Christmas tree sparkles against the dramatic backdrop of the lit up cathedral.

The Christmas Market at Stephansplatz is the best place for a drink and people watching. It’s not so crowded as the one at the Rathaus. Plus, it offers a great variety of mulled wine and punch.

Weihnachtsmarkt am Stephansplatz Opening times
From 15 November to 26 December
Daily from 11:00 AM to 09:00 PM
24th December – from 11:00 AM to 04:00 PM
25th and 26th December – from 11:00 AM to 07:00 PM
Address: Stephansplatz 2, 1010 Wien, Austria
Christmas Village Belvedere Palace

Christmas Village Belvedere Palace

Located off the hustle and bustle of the Historic Centre, this Weihnachtsdorf features original handicrafts and culinary delights. With the impressive Baroque backdrop of Belvedere Palace, this is one of the most romantic markets. It’s the perfect stop for a warm drink with your loved one.

Weihnachtsdorf Schloss Belvedere Opening times
From 22 November to 31 December
Daily from 11:00 AM to 09:00 PM
24th December – from 11:00 AM to 04:00 PM
From 25th to 30th December – 11:00 AM to 07:00 PM
31st December – from 11:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Address: Prinz Eugen-Strasse 27, 1030 Wien, Austria
Art Advent Karlsplatz

Art Advent Karlsplatz

Featuring a petting zoo and craft tents, Art Advent Karlsplatz is the best Christmas market in Vienna for kids. The gorgeous Baroque Karlskirche all lit-up with a spiderweb of fairy lights provides a truly festive atmosphere. The pond in front of the church is dried and filled with hay and there are some pretty cute sheep and pigs you can pet.

Art Advent Karlsplatz is the place to go if you also look for organic food and handicrafts made by local artists.

Christkindlmarkt am Karlsplatz Opening times
From 22 November to 23 December
Daily from 12:00 PM to 09:00 PM
Address: Karlsplatz, 1040 Wien, Austria
Christmas Village Maria-Theresien Platz

Christmas Village Maria-Theresien Platz

It is located between the impressive twin buildings of the Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Art. With its more than 70 booths, it’s one of the largest Christmas markets. It’s the ideal place if you look for original gift ideas or to taste some culinary delights. Plus, it is open longer than the most. On 27 December it turns into a New Year’s Village.

Weihnachstdorf am Maria Theresien Platz Opening times
From 20 November 2019 to 6 January 2020
Daily from 11:00 AM to 09:00 PM
24th December – till 04:00 PM
From 25th December to 6th January – till 07:00 PM
31st December – till 06:00 PM
Address: Maria-Theresien-Platz, 1010 Wien, Austria
Christmas Market Schönbrunn Palace

Christmas Market Schönbrunn Palace

Although it’s situated out of the city centre, the Christmas market at Schönbrunn Palace totally worths a visit. Moreover, if this is your first time in Vienna, a tour of the imperial palace is a must. If you have the chance, visit the market in the evening when everything is illuminated and the atmosphere is truly magical.

As the Christmas Village Maria-Theresien Platz, it also stays open after Christmas.

Weihnachtsmarkt Schloss Schönbrunn Opening times
From 23 November 2019 to 5 January 2020
Daily from 10:00 AM to 09:00 PM
24th December – till 04:00 PM
From 25th December to 5th January – till 06:00 PM
Address: Schönbrunn Palace, 1130 Wien, Austria

Christmas Market Schönbrunn Palace
More Xmas markets in Vienna

If you have more time left or you are just looking for markets off the beaten path, try these ones. They are smaller and offer an alternative experience in comparison to the popular Christmas villages.
Am Hof Advent Market

Am Hof Advent Market

If you look for quality artisan gifts, this is the place to go. At Am Hof Advent Market you’ll find delicate jewellery, ceramics, leather items and many other handmade goods. As it comes to food, it offers a great variety of ham, sausages, baked potatoes and waffles.

Weihnachtsmarkt Am Hof Opening times
From 15 November to 23 December
Daily from 11:00 AM to 09:00 PM
Address: Am Hof, 1010 Wien, Austria
Old Viennese Christmas Market

Old Viennese Christmas Market

Located on a picturesque square, Altwiener markt is just a stone’s throw away from Am Hof Advent Market. In fact, this is one of the oldest and most authentic Christmas markets in Vienna. It dates back to the 18th century and it still keeps this traditional feel. So if you look for a more authentic experience, add Altwiener markt to your list.

Altwiener Christkindlmarkt Opening times
From 16 November to 23 December
Daily from 10:00 AM to 09:00 PM
Address: Freyung, 1010 Wien, Austria
Christmas Village Altes AKH

Christmas Village Altes AKH

Featuring a children’s railway, an old-fashioned carousel and two curling lines, this market is great for families. Another of the highlights of Weihnachtsdorf Altes AKH are the local craftsmen. They gather from all around Vienna to demonstrate their skills such as candle making, sewing bags and many more.

Weihnachtsdorf Altes AKH Opening times
From 16 November to 23 December
Daily from 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Address: Alserstrasse/Spitalgasse, Hof 1, 1090 Wien, Austria
Christmas Market Spittelberg

Christmas Market Spittelberg

Weihnachtsmarkt am Spittelberg is located in the artsy district of Neubau. It spreads over three tiny cobblestoned streets in a charming area full of Biedermeier townhouses. The festively decorated Schrankgasse, Spittelberggasse and Gutenberggasse are the perfect settings for a romantic walk.
If you’re planning a romantic weekend,
check out my guide to the most romantic places in Vienna.

More than 100 stalls offer amazing handmade seasonal gifts and delicious foods. It’s one of the most popular markets among the locals, too.

Weihnachtsmarkt am Spittelberg Opening times
From 14 November to 23 December
Monday – Friday – from 02:00 PM to 09:00 PM
Saturday and Sunday – from 10:00 AM to 09:00 PM
Address: Spittelberggasse, Schrankgasse, Gutenberggasse, 1070 Wien, Austria
Winter Market Riesenradplatz

Winter Market Riesenradplatz is probably the best place for kids. It’s located in the Prater, a huge amusement park famous for its Giant Ferris Wheel. So if you look for a little fun along with the traditional mulled wine and tasty foods, this is the place to go. Plus, it’s still open in the first week of January.

Wintermarkt am Riesenradplatz Opening times
From 16 November 2019 to 6 January 2020
Monday – Friday – from 02:00 PM to 09:00 PM
Saturday and Sunday – from 11:00 AM to 09:00 PM
24th December – from 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM
31st December – from 12:00 PM to 02:00 AM
Address: Riesenradplatz, 1020 Wien, Austria
Winter at Museumsquartier (MQ)

Winter at Museumsquartier

To enjoy the Advent season in a more hip way, visit the Winter at Museumsquartier. Magical LED projections, DJ beats, hot punch bars – it’s the most unique market in the city. So grab your friends and a mug of Glühwein and enjoy alternative Vienna at Christmas time.

Winter im MQ Opening times
From 8 November to 23 December
Monday – Friday – from 04:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Saturday and Sunday – from 02:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Address: MuseumsQuartier Wien, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien, Austria
Vienna Christmas market food

Vienna Christmas market food

There are plenty of mouth-watering foods to try at the markets. Unfortunately, I managed to taste only a few of them. But hey, at least I have a good reason to come back.
Mulled wine and punch

Mulled wine (Glühwein) is a traditional must-try drink. Every market offers different kinds of mulled wine, some better than others. It comes in a decorated mug for which you have to pay a deposit. You’ll get the deposit back once you return the mug.

Every market features its own design and usually, the best mugs are at Am Hof Advent Market. So if you want to take a mug as a souvenir, better check several places and then decide.

Mulled wine at Rathaus

Bratwurst is a must eat. It’s a delicious type of sausage usually served in a bun with mustard and ketchup. Bratwurst is a great option for a quick lunch or even dinner.
To discover the Austrian cuisine check out my food guide
that includes all the must-eats in Vienna (plus where to find the best Schnitzel).

Brioche dough that comes with different fillings – apples, marzipan, walnuts, etc. And it’s huge. I had difficulties eating one all by myself, even when I had it instead of lunch.

It’s another heavenly pastry – a glazed dough with hazelnuts.

Mohnzelten is my favourite one. It’s a soft dough stuffed with poppy seeds filling. So, if you’re a fan of poppy seeds, like me, don’t miss this pastry.

A traditional gingerbread cookie, that can be found in all kinds of sizes.


Delicious sweet chestnuts roasted over open fires.

It’s a soft doughnut filled with nougat, vanilla or chocolate cream.
What to do in Vienna in December
Christmas concert in St. Peter’s Church

If you like classical music, don’t miss the concert of the Classic Ensemble Vienna in St. Peter’s Church. Enjoy an evening filled with interpretations of works by Mozart, Beethoven, Bach and many more. The concert is available from 21 December 2019 to 3 January 2020.

For more concerts check out my guide to the best concerts in Vienna.
Visit Europe’s biggest city spa

Winter is the best time to enjoy some spa relaxation. Spa Therme Wien features 26 naturally heated pools and 24 Finnish saunas and steam baths. Plus, there is a restaurant and even a library!

Although it looks a bit far from the city centre, you can reach it in only 15min with the U1 metro line.

Don’t forget to book your tickets for Therme Wien in advance.
Strudel Show

If you’re visiting the Christmas market at Schönbrunn Palace, don’t miss the Apple Strudel Show. You’ll discover how the original Viennese apple strudel is made in the court bakery at the palace. And the best part is that at the end of the show you can taste a piece of it!
How to get to Vienna Christmas markets
By train

The Central train station (Wien Hauptbahnhof) is about 2km away from the historic centre. To get to the heart of the city, Stephansplatz, just take metro line U1 (9min journey). Check timetables and book train tickets online at ÖBB official site.
By car

If you’re arriving by car, it’s best to choose accommodation with available parking. Another option is to use car parks (see more info about parking in Vienna).

For renting a car, check out Sixt Car Rental. They are very popular in Europe and offer the lowest rates.
By air

The closest airport is Vienna International Airport (Flughafen Wien-Schwechat). There are several options to reach it:

    the easiest one is to book a private transfer directly to your hotel. I love Welcome Pickups because they are always on time and very helpful.
    take the CAT (City Airport Train) – you will be in the city centre in just 15min
    another option is to take the S-Bahn (suburban train) – this is the slowest option

Must buy tickets in advance

Schönbrunn Palace – it’s one of the most popular attractions with long queues. Buy your tickets in advance from the official website or use Vienna Pass to skip the line.

Giant Ferris Wheel – if you don’t have a Wien Pass, book tickets ahead to avoid waiting in line.

Mozart Concert at the Golden Hall – the tickets sell out fast, so book as early as you can. You can book your ticket to the Mozart Concert here.
Most popular tours

Vienna Christmas markets map

To help you navigate, I prepared a detailed map with all the markets. You can use it during your trip, you only need internet access.

The main markets are marked in red and green, the smaller ones – in yellow.