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Avis des passagers

2022-12-30 Vienna Airport (VIE)-Vienna city (all areas)
We had the best driver - he was on time and waiting for us - he was so knowledgable and we were fascinated with all the things he shared with us about Vienna. It was a wonderful introduction to our stay - thank you so much!!
Ponctualité: 5   Chauffeur: 5   Véhicule: 5

2022-12-29 Vienna Airport (VIE)-Vienna city (all areas)
Absolutely fantastic service both ways. Our driver collected us on time and helped us with our luggage . He gave us great tips for our stay. Our homeward driver was also lovely and punctual. Brilliantly taxi company.
Ponctualité: 5   Chauffeur: 5   Véhicule: 5

2022-12-28 Vienna Airport (VIE)-Vienna city (all areas)
Very efficient company which I would highly recommend and is worthy of a five star review.The driver went above and beyond despite our flight being 2 hours late.Thank you.
Ponctualité: 5   Chauffeur: 5   Véhicule: 5

2022-12-20 Vienna Airport (VIE)-Vienna city (all areas)
Ponctualité: 5   Chauffeur: 5   Véhicule: 5

2022-12-20 Vienna Airport (VIE)-Vienna city (all areas)
Thank you for your service
Ponctualité: 5   Chauffeur: 5   Véhicule: 5

2022-12-13 Vienna Airport (VIE)-Vienna city (all areas)
Marius was great friendly, prompt. Vehicle was perfect for us - we don't normally fit in a van type car because we have too many suitcases, but we fitted well. And booster seats were good also. So very happy.
Ponctualité: 5   Chauffeur: 5   Véhicule: 5

2022-12-12 Vienna Airport (VIE)-Vienna city (all areas)
Excellent! Highly recommend!
Ponctualité: 5   Chauffeur: 5   Véhicule: 5

2022-12-08 Vienna Airport (VIE)-Vienna city (all areas)
Friendly drivers, on time for both journeys. Very clean vehicles. Would definitely use again. Highly recommended.
Ponctualité: 5   Chauffeur: 5   Véhicule: 5

2022-12-06 Vienna city (all areas)-Vienna Airport (VIE)
Everything went perfectly. Our driver was there on time, right where you said he'd be. He got us to the airport easily and was very nice on the ride there. Couldn't have asked for a better experience!
Ponctualité: 5   Chauffeur: 5   Véhicule: 5

2022-12-03 Vienna Airport (VIE)-Vienna city (all areas)
The driver was excellent. Really appreciated his knowledge of the city, it's history, and several landmarks. He was punctual, an excellent driver, felt safe, his vehicle was very comfortable. Excellent service, appreciated.
Ponctualité: 5   Chauffeur: 5   Véhicule: 5

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