Trasferimenti privati porta a porta da/per l'Aeroporto di Vienna. Servizio affidabile. Prezzi ottimi.

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Aeroporto Vienna Taxi

  • Facile & Veloce prenotazione online
  • Fix & Prezzi all inclusive
  • Monitoraggio dei voli ritardati
  • Conducenti professionisti
  • Veicoli completamente assicurati
  • Incontri & Saluti all'aeroporto

Commenti di clienti

2023-02-23 Vienna Airport (VIE)-Vienna city (all areas)
Puntualità: 5   Autista: 5   Veicolo 5

2023-01-31 Vienna Airport (VIE)-Vienna city (all areas)
Puntualità: 4   Autista: 5   Veicolo 5

2023-01-23 Vienna Airport (VIE)-Vienna city (all areas)
Puntualità: 5   Autista: 5   Veicolo 5

2022-12-30 Vienna Airport (VIE)-Vienna city (all areas)
We had the best driver - he was on time and waiting for us - he was so knowledgable and we were fascinated with all the things he shared with us about Vienna. It was a wonderful introduction to our stay - thank you so much!!
Puntualità: 5   Autista: 5   Veicolo 5

2022-12-29 Vienna Airport (VIE)-Vienna city (all areas)
Absolutely fantastic service both ways. Our driver collected us on time and helped us with our luggage . He gave us great tips for our stay. Our homeward driver was also lovely and punctual. Brilliantly taxi company.
Puntualità: 5   Autista: 5   Veicolo 5

2022-12-28 Vienna Airport (VIE)-Vienna city (all areas)
Very efficient company which I would highly recommend and is worthy of a five star review.The driver went above and beyond despite our flight being 2 hours late.Thank you.
Puntualità: 5   Autista: 5   Veicolo 5

2022-12-20 Vienna Airport (VIE)-Vienna city (all areas)
Puntualità: 5   Autista: 5   Veicolo 5

2022-12-20 Vienna Airport (VIE)-Vienna city (all areas)
Thank you for your service
Puntualità: 5   Autista: 5   Veicolo 5

2022-12-13 Vienna Airport (VIE)-Vienna city (all areas)
Marius was great friendly, prompt. Vehicle was perfect for us - we don't normally fit in a van type car because we have too many suitcases, but we fitted well. And booster seats were good also. So very happy.
Puntualità: 5   Autista: 5   Veicolo 5

2022-12-12 Vienna Airport (VIE)-Vienna city (all areas)
Excellent! Highly recommend!
Puntualità: 5   Autista: 5   Veicolo 5

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