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10 Things That Make Vienna a Romantic City

The best places to see if you're in a romantic mood

Jan 4, 2018 | Travel guide

carriage vienna

Visiting Vienna is always a good idea. Some of the top bars and best restaurants can be found here. However, visiting Vienna with your partner can be a truly romantic and unforgettable experience. Even though this city may leave a “stiff” impression at first, this is simply far from the truth. There are many romantic things you can organize, so to make your planning easier, we came up with 10 fairytale ideas for you. All you need to do is to book a limousine as an airport transfer to take you to your hotel, and you are set to go.

Take a ride on the Riesenrad Ferris Wheel

Vienna is proud to have its giant Ferris Wheel as a national landmark and an attraction for so many visitors. Even though this may seem as a not so clever idea, try to ramp-up the riding experience by opening a bottle of sparkling wine and cuddle up with your loved one while enjoying he incredible panoramic sight of Vienna’s rooftops and the Prater Park below.

A carriage ride for two

Despite what the more cynical among us would say, a carriage ride is not a cliché. Even though you might feel it’s kind of “too much”, the moment you step in the carriage, you feel as you went a century back. There’s something pretty special in taking a ride in the center of a Baroque Vienna, holding hands with your loved one and forgetting about the world around you. Try to do this activity in the spring if you wish to aim for more amazing urban sights.

Enjoy classic art together

Vienna is probably the richest city in the world when it comes to museums and palaces you can visit. Art and history are everywhere, so try to make a list of few that you and your partner would enjoy. For example, one of the most romantic artworks is This Kiss, a famous work by Gustav Klimt, located in the Belvedere Complex. So do have this in mind when choosing your museums and galeries.

Spend one Christmas in Vienna

Yes, winters in Vienna can be pretty cold, but it takes few chills to build that Christmas magic, right? Giant Christmas trees are greeting the visitors at every square, classical Christmas music is to be heard from everywhere, shops are all lit up and the city smells of hot wine and cinnamon rising from the numerous Christmas markets. You can put warm clothes on and walk around the city, arm in arm, sip mulled wine and absorb the magical moments.

Book a romantic suite in a downtown hotel

There’s something really magical to stay in a top downtown hotel’s suite over the weekend with your partner, even if you’ve been together for so long. Everyone wants to be pampered from time to time, worshiped with champagne and attentive room service. You can enjoy the Vienna attractions by day, have a fancy dinner in the evening and stay in for the night. Sounds pretty amazing to us.

Rent a boat on the Danube River

Just to be clear, this activity isn't for everyone, since it may be a bit of a hassle or stressful to plan. However, just think about spending some time with your loved one sailing in a small boat down the river and observing amazing sights. You can always take a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates with you to enjoy even more. Just look for a suitable and reliable vendor and you won’t regret it.

Have an old-fashioned picnic

There’s nothing more romantic than surprising your partner with a picnic in one of the many parks in Vienna. Secretly pack a small blanket, some cheese and dips, couple of glasses and a bottle of wine and remain alert to spot a perfect place for an afternoon picnic rest. Imagine nibbling on a piece of cheese and washing it down with good quality wine, while admiring the greenery of the park and the activities of the passers-by.

Catch an opera at the Vienna State Opera

A great number of world-class singers and ballet shows run throughout the year at the Vienna State Opera. Being fully-booked most of the time, the opera is one of the most famous auditoriums in the world with a lot of big names performing. It is truly a unique experience, so book your tickets in advance online and pack some fancy clothes with you. If you aim to feel like royalty, this is your chance to do so.

Have a waltz at a ball

This is not some Disney movie fairytale we are talking about. Vienna residents really go waltzing and you can be part of this tradition as well. Check out some of the local events happening in Vienna during the year and make your traveling plans in time for one of the balls. Additionally, you can book private waltz dance lessons for couples and surprise your partner.

Eat a fancy dinner at an expensive restaurant

A great part of creating a romantic Vienna experience is dressing up and heading for a fancy night out at some of the downtown classy restaurants. So make a reservation at one of the top restaurants in advance and enjoy a 5 course meal, paired with fantastic selection of wines, over candle light and work on creating truly unforgettable memories.

It is not easy to work all year long, do many chores and work on your romantic relationship at the same time. This is why a weekend getaway to Vienna is a really good idea. Pack light, arrange for an airport transfer to your hotel and start your romantic journey.

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